Monday, May 23, 2011

Down Rainbow Canyon

Last Sunday we went down to Boy Scout Falls.  There were these tiny little fish under the waterfall so of course Matt tried to shoot them.  I couldn't help myself and shot at this poor little guy.  Then I felt bad because I killed him.  Matt laughed at me.  I tried to put him back in the water, but it didn't work.  ☺

Here is the waterfall.

The kids loved playing in the sand and Matthew thought he was supposed to eat it.

We then went further down to Grapevine Canyon.  There were tent caterpillars (moths) everwhere so I just had to bring some home.

Close up of one of the nests.

We put them in our butterfly house.

Savannah had fallen asleep by now so I took pics of Matthew while Annabella shot the gun with her daddy.

Here he is eating the grass

Playing together

Time to drive home.